About Us


Sun believes your service to our country should be rewarded with an opportunity that makes the most of your skills, discipline and dedication.

We’re proud to offer careers in management, sales, service, technology and more that are worthy of our nation’s military. With locations across the U.S., jobs for veterans can be found almost anywhere.

At Sun, you will experience great camaraderie; we have a great sense of community as well as great teams!


We value your discipline, integrity and commitment to hard work. We look to develop staff from within the company by providing sufficient resources, rewards, and training. With our tremendous growth, you can enjoy various career opportunities.

  • Through Sun University, we provide online and on-the-job training to advance your career.
  • We offer tuition reimbursement.

Translating Skills

As servicemen and women, you have a unique skillset and leadership qualities impossible to find anywhere else. We recognize your high levels of teamwork and leadership experience from working in a high stress and challenging environment.

If you are looking to continue to grow and make a difference, we have several opportunities for you.

Veterans Working at Sun

Sun Communities is honored to employ those who have served our country, whether they're transitioning immediately following their military experience or several years down the road. The experience and skills of our veterans has been valuable and significant to Sun's success.

"Sun believes in serving the community & it was a very easy transition after serving my country. I was a Special Agent in Army Military Intelligence with top secret clearance. I work in Security as a Gate Keeper for Sun providing security for our retirement residential community."

"Now my leadership and management skills are finally being used and that has made me come alive again. Love it!"

"I have been with Sun for almost a year. During that time, all I have come in contact with have made me feel wanted and have seemed to appreciate the fact that I am a veteran. I like that and feel, if other vets are treated fairly, they would like it also. No matter what your career field was in the military, you learn how to treat others and respect others for the position they hold. That same thought process holds true with the Sun Community. As I meet others in higher positions, I find that Sun treats all their employees with respect and makes them feel wanted."

"When I left my military role, which was an administrative position, the military taught me to take my job seriously, it taught me teamwork, that we all have to work together to achieve a common goal. It also taught me not to give up until I have exhausted all avenues. It helped me tune up my customer service skills. My customers were my fellow soldiers, contractors or officers. So, everyone I come in contact with at Sun, I treat the way I wish to be treated."

"A culture that shares similar values that Veterans are accustomed to; such as commitment, accountability, and intensity. The opportunity to translate the skills of fostering discipline, clarity, team work, and objectivity has been used."

Sun Gives Back to Those Who Served

In September 2015, Sun hosted a golf outing in addition to other activities to raise over $23,000 for Homes for Our Troops.